Tooth Powder - Lemon Myrtle & Peppermint (30g)

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Handmade in Byron Bay, Australia using sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging. Made with 60% Australian ingredients. Toothbrush not included.

INGREDIENTS: Arrowroot powder°, Bentonite clay°^, Sea salt°^, Mentha piperita essential oil, Backhousia citriodora essential oil°^ - Organic° Australian Grown^ Wild Harvested⁺

Vegan friendly and free from plastics, aluminium, fluoride, bicarbonate soda, petrochemicals and palm oil.

DIRECTIONS: Before adventuring, dip dry toothbrush into powder and brush teeth

Or mix with coconut oil to form a paste. Freshens mouth and neutralises odour

*A word on natural toothpaste* This product is not intended to act like its chemical-laden alternatives. The antibacterial ingredients in this product will help to fight off odour-causing bacteria. Only use a very small amount. We suggest rinsing the mouth out first, then dry dipping your toothbrush into the powder and tapping off excess. The brush as per normal. Follow up with other oral hygience practices such as tongue scraping, flossing (with plastic-free floss of course) and oil pulling.

Do not inhale. Not for use by children.

Tested on friends, not animals.

Keep me in a cool place <25°c

Return, Reuse or Recycle Me when done.

Product shelf life is approximately 6 months.

Each purchase supports clean oceans and a healthy planet.

Handmade in Byron Bay, Australia

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