Plastic-free Shampoo/ Soap Bars


Our handcrafted, plastic free cleansing bars are lovingly made by our friends in the Byron Shire using 70% Australian ingredients. These deliciously-smelling and creamy bars can double as soap for hand cleansing, or a shampoo bar in place of your normal shampoo! Just lather in your hands and off you go!

For best results, we recommend cutting your bar into 2-4 pieces using a large, sharp knife, and store them in the cupboard until use. This will ensure that your bar lasts many moons!

This product is vegan friendly, fair trade and free from plastics, SLS, parabens, aluminium, petrochemicals, palm oil, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. And of course, it comes in sustainably sourced, plastic free packaging and is tested on friends, not animals. Feel safe in knowing this product is as good for your body as it is for the planet!

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