Rewilding Women

‘How wild it was, to let it be’ – Cheryl Strayed

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Why Rewild?
Rewilding is not just about rewilding our physical selves; it is just as much, if not MORE about rewilding our internal selves.
In the ecological sense, rewilding is about restoring large areas of habitat back to their previous, natural state. In the human sense, rewilding is about connecting back to our wild and natural selves, acknowledging and respecting where we have come from and nurturing our wild, innate needs and desires.
Rewilding in a modern world does not have to include ditching our phones, lighting fires with sticks and donning loincloths (although it can!). Let’s endeavour to rewild ourselves in this modern world, using modern tools and simple techniques and get back to basics, learn to love our natural selves and connect with our wild…
For our health, our children’s health and the planet.
What we offer

Wild Search Australia runs Women’s Circles and Skill-Share Workshops as ‘Rewilding Women‘ in the Byron Shire. The Women’s Circles can include:

  • Connecting with nature and wildness
  • Acknowledging and respecting Elders and Ancestors
  • Sharing an organic meal together
  • Reviving ritual, magic and sisterhood
  • Learning traditional women’s skills
  • Song, rhythm and movement
  • Intellectual discussions on chosen topics

Rewilding Women also runs skill-share workshops and events for women in the Byron Shire, as well as nature-based workshops and events for children and teens. These workshops are designed to bring you back to basics, connect you with your wild and natural selves and teach invaluable skills in self-sufficiency! These workshops may include skills such as:

  • Beeswax candle-making
  • Bushwalking & Birdwatching
  • Homemade personal care, medicines, cleaning and beauty products
  • Plastic-free living
  • Wild food foraging, identification and preparation
  • Basket weaving
  • Meditation, Yoga and Pilates
The Rewilding Women Project


To launch the Rewilding Women Project, we’ll be hosting an Art Exhibition Event.

This event will be 100% organised and run by women of the Byron Shire and donations from the raffle/silent auction will go towards local women’s charities.


One way you can get involved, is to please fill out the survey below. The data will be gathered to gain insight into behaviours and also improve Rewilding Women’s services into the future. And please, WOMEN ONLY TO FILL OUT SURVEY PLEASE.

The ‘Rewilding Women Project’ is an ongoing project designed to connect women with their wild.

If you’d like to contact us about our Rewilding programs please email us >
*Wild Woman photography by Celia Galpin Photography*