Our Sponsored Posts and Advertising Policy

Wild Search Australia 2020

In keeping with our ethos of transparency and maintaining a high standard of ethics, we’d like to clearly explain our stance on website monetising, sponsored posts, endorsements and advertising across all our social media, website, blog and associated articles.

We are a business

Wild Search Australia is a business, not a free community service; and as such our business needs to make money to continue to carry out our nature connection and plastic-free work. Our income is primarily through the sale of our natural body products (online and in retail stores) and workshops. Also, we make small amounts of money from our blog, articles, website and associated online presence, mostly through the use of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a common tool businesses use and it often involves a banner or link to a product or service that the customer can click through to. The business can make a small commission for each sale resulting from this click, although the total price is the same for the customer. For eg. we currently have banner ads for Yoni Pleasure Palace, Biome Store, Wild Earth and Modibodi on our website and we occasionally use affiliate links on our blog.

We only work with other ethical Australian businesses

We choose to only work with like-minded Australian businesses, and that extends to our partnerships and collaborators. We work with businesses who strive to; put the environment and community at the forefront of their businesses; act as a business for good; support local charities and organisations; support women and other minority groups in business; work to reduce their environmental impacts; provide plastic-free alternatives; and, are based in Australia.

We decline businesses and partnerships we don’t align with

If we get a request to work with a business who isn’t aligned, we politely decline and let them know of the reasons e.g. They do not operate their business in an environmentally-friendly manner; they are not reducing their plastic usage; they are selling a product which does not – in our opinion –  serve people, the environment and the community; they – directly or indirectly – support habitat destruction, gas and oil mining, gambling, fast fashion, alcoholism, their business breaches human rights or social issues, objectify women, are not based in Australia; or any other industry that we do not wish to associate ourselves with.

We obey the legal requirements

All bloggers and businesses are now legally required to disclose when an article or advertisement is #sponsored, although many of them still do not. So, if we use affiliate marketing links or any other sponsored content in any of our articles, we will tell you in the #disclosure and also put an asterisks* next to the link!

Our recommendations are genuine

However, when Wild Search Australia/ Caitlin Weatherstone endorses a product or service to our customers, it does not mean it’s a sponsored post! More often than not, Caitlin will purchase the product firstly herself, try it out, and then she will recommend it to readers. The brand may then reach out and offer a discount or free products afterwards as a way of thanking us. We are very aware that our customers and readers value our advice, and we wouldn’t take advantage of that and recommend a business, brand or service that we weren’t 110% wrapped about! Our recommendations are very genuine.

We are not paid for our recommendations

We are not paid for any of our recommendations, reviews, social media posts, hiking trips, shares, blogs, and articles – any of it. Occasionally, we will receive a product or service for free, or with a discount; and sometimes we will do a trade of products. Only if we are 110% happy with it, would we recommend it to our readers. We would only recommend a product, business or service that falls within our strict ethos checklist, is beneficial to humans and the environment, and is not contributing to an unsustainable or unethical industry.

We organise discounts for our customers/ readers

Sometimes, we organise a discount code for our customers for other businesses. This is seen more as a favour to our customers for supporting us. We do not get any commission from these sales; we just support the business, product or service and think it’s great if you do, too!

We do a lot of charity

As part of our commitment to the local community, we do a lot of volunteer work and donate products to good causes. For eg. last year, Caitlin did a speech about nature connection at O’ Heart Festival for free; organised a Beach Clean-Up in Ballina with the band, Oka, for free; and donated dozens of body products to a range of charity events, silent auctions, raffles and fundraisers.

We hope that has covered it all, for any specific questions regarding our partnerships contact Caitlin at

Stay wild xx