Want to make your own body products? Join the club…

There’s been a big shift recently into DIY (do it yourself) and homemade products. Many people are moving away from the ‘buy, buy, buy’ attitude and wanting to be more self-sufficient, save money, improve the health of the environment and themselves, and learn about what goes into the products they have at home. Here at Wild Search Australia, we are crafting a whole range of workshops to help people live their best lives, in the most sustainable way possible.
Making your own body products is a good start! We challenge you to go into your bathroom cupboard, pull out all the products and start to look at the ingredients listed on the (likely plastic) packaging. If you can’t pronounce half of them, and you’re concerned about that, then this might just be the workshop for you!
Michaela Skovranova / Mishku / Olympus Visionary
Michaela Skovranova / Mishku / Olympus Visionary


After the last sold out workshop, we have planned another DIY Body Products Basics Workshop – to be held on Saturday 22nd June 10am – 12pm at the Corner Palm in Byron Bay. Learn about the value of making your own plastic-free, natural products at home, test out some recipes and take some products home with you! Tickets will go fast for this one, so get in quick and bring your pals!

Link to tickets can be found here

Join us for this fun workshop, meet like-minded people, chat all things health, body image, plastic & chemicals and natural ingredients.

Stay wild,

x Caitlin

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