Astrology Workshop coming up!

We have an AMAZING workshop coming up with Astrologer, Women’s Medicine Worker and creator of @herstory_collective, Carly Lorente – aka. Dear Keenwa!

We can’t wait to collaborate with her for a powerful Rewilding Women Workshop on Sat 19th November. Get in quickly to avoid missing out!

Please book online HERE

A little bit about Carly Lorente (pinched from her website

“Based in Byron Bay, Australia, I am a daughter of the earth, single mama of two beautiful wildlings, and pilgrim; with a chronically restless spirit that thrives on intimacy with strangers, and has me galavanting off to far-flung places all over the world (especially power healing places), my kids in tow.

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, and its always been my medicine; a way to filter the harshness in the world, and to get closer to myself.  I created HerStory_collective not only as a place to hang all my hats, but in the hope of bringing women together, by encouraging you to share your stories for personal healing, and to revive and remember the ancient stories that were burnt and destroyed. Whether that be through a women’s moon circle, one on one birth chart reading,  or a film collaboration, I want us to own and rewrite our collective story. Together.

I’m also passionate about connecting women with the medicines of Mother Earth, her plants, and her ancient rhythms and cycles. As women we are intrinsically linked to her, and the destruction of the feminine has been felt deeply by both us.  I believe that by healing ourselves, we heal Her simultaneously. An empowered feminine sings up the sacred masculine, then before you know it, voila we’re all sitting here chilling in cosmic love and sacred union. In oneness with one another and the earth.”


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