Rewilding Women Survey

Recently, I have been wondering what the barriers are in connecting women with nature. Is it time, money, energy, children, partners, society, areas of wilderness not accessible enough, are there not enough green spaces in our towns and suburbs? Why don’t we connect with nature more often, and each other? What is stopping us from taking the time to breathe with nature and reconnect?

I was also interested to know what women think being’Wild’ actually means, as there are varying meanings of the word. On one side you’ve got a wild woman who is untamed, free, beautiful and natural and on the other side you’ve got a wild, crazy woman! You can be all of these things, of course.

I thought that a good way to find out some of these answers was to create a simple survey.

Please complete our survey titled ‘What is your Wild’ at

Your answers may also be used as part of our Rewilding Women Project Art Exhibition coming soon (if you wish)!

Thank you, wild ones x

*Photograph by Celia Galpin Photography

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