‘There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open’


Jawaharial Nehru


G’day and Welcome to your Wild.

Thank you for connecting with us. Here at Wild Search Australia, our mission is to inspire, educate and connect you with nature; for a well-balanced, wild and adventurous life!

Our ethos is simple: care for the planet and she will care for you back.




We’ve done the hard work for you in sourcing the most sustainable ingredients and packaging to create our 100% plastic free body products range. We specialise in hand-making organic, natural, sustainable, zero waste and plastic-free body products using local plant oils. You can feel at ease using our products knowing that they are a better alternative for you and your family… and better for the health of the planet. Check out the range here>>>


Transform your relationship with nature, relax and unwind, experience new skills and adventure, learn how to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and connect with community. We specialise in nature connection, rewilding, plastic-free, hiking, adventure and ecology workshops in eastern Australia for adults and children in northern NSW and SE Queensland. Come along to one of our organised workshops or get a group together and craft your own! Check out future workshops here>>>


Do you want to wildly transform the many aspects of your home life, make products that are good for your well-being and get back in touch with nature? ‘Wild Your Life: Part 1’ is the first part of a 3-book collection series based around Wild Search Australia’s DIY and Plastic-Free Workshops. Part 1 is all about how to make your own Natural, DIY, Plastic- Free, Australian Body Products from home. Buy eBooks here>>>


Are you ready to live a wildly better, healthier, more adventurous and connected life??? Let’s shake things up, get wild and experience the benefits of a nature-connected life. The best thing about it, is that nature is everywhere and ready for us to tap into every minute of every day. Wild your life here>>>

MEET CAITLIN – founder. ecologist. educator. wild woman.


Wild Search Australia was founded in 2018 by professional question asker, Wildlife Ecologist, Environmental Conservationist and Nature Tour Guide, Caitlin Weatherstone (B.App.Sc & M.App.Sc). Caitlin grew up locally in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and has extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna, as well as over 12 years experience in nature tour guiding, bushwalking, working with animals, women and children, hosting events and facilitating workshops, environmental conservation and education, ecological sciences, making body products, public speaking and writing articles about nature based topics.


So, what’s all this rewilding business about? Well, let me tell you the benefits of nature connection are widely documented in scientific literature and thus we recommend spending quality time in the outdoors – particularly camping, hiking, gardening, wildlife spotting, barefoot walking, waterfall exploring and ocean frolicking.

Many studies have shown that connecting with nature can have positive psychological, physical, social and spiritual benefits for both adults and children… So, there’s never been a better time to reconnect!

Some of the perks are: improved motor development and coordination, quicker recovery time in hospital, increase in exercise and fitness level, reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus and concentration, and improved health outcomes in general… Just to name a few!

Caitlin experienced many of these benefits first hand after spending quality time in the Australian bush living in remote areas and working as a Wildlife Ecologist. Caitlin is truly in her happy place when she is aligned with nature; using natural products, eating local & seasonal foods, hiking and camping; and she now dedicates her life to teaching other people how to do the same and reap its incredible benefits.

Get wild with us!


You know that anxious feeling that you get most days? You’re not alone – we human animals aren’t designed to live in this modern fast-paced, concrete-clad world.

We live in a world where nature generally isn’t respected or prioritised. This is a big problem… because we are nature. If she dies, we all die. All life on Earth is intimately connected and has always been. As mammals, our ancestors date back millions of years. All living things have evolved together over this time, and fortunately, life will go on in some form or another and keep evolving long after we humans have gone.

In order to have respect for nature and our innate wildness, we need to connect back in with where we came from, find our wild and what it means to be a human animal in this crazy world on this beautiful, wild planet.

With many Australians spending most of their time indoors and suffering from the resulting nature-deficit disorder, there’s never been a better time to get outdoors and rewild!

All we ask is that you use this piece of modern technology to join us and connect.





“I’ve used Caitlin’s products for years, and since I switched to this deodorant there’s been no going back. It’s totally unique – local Aussie products, native plant extracts, totally biodegradable, so eco-friendly that you could literally eat it but at the same time it actually works. I completely recommend it – I use it every day, and love knowing that I can smell good and not trash the planet or use potentially harmful chemicals.”

– Alice


“My girls loved the products, especially the natural scents.”

– Peter


“I have been using Wild Search’s products for almost a year and have been so impressed by the quality and ethos of this brand. I love the care and effort that goes into the selection of Australian grown ingredients. I have practically used my weight in the lemon myrtle body balm! I naturally have very dry skin and I find it to be so hydrating and healing. I literally use it head to toe – wherever I feel needs a little TLC.”

– Stacey


“Love your products so much… especially the deodorant. I stocked up on a few to give to friends, so they may be converted! I feel I need look no further for other deodorants ever again!”

– Zana





  • Where are you based?

We are based in the Byron Shire, NSW Australia.

  • Where can we find you?

Unfortunately, we do not have our own retail outlet you can visit (as we operate from home), but you can visit any one of our 15 (and growing) stockists on the east coast of Australia! We also occasionally run market stalls at the Byron Shire markets and local events. And when Caitlin is not in the home office, running workshops, snacking or creating products in the kitchen… she’s in the bush or the ocean creating balance in her life! See ya out there.

  • What’s your story?

Wild Search Australia was founded by Ecologist and Environmental Educator Caitlin Weatherstone in 2018. Caitlin is passionate about nature connection, for the health of humans and the health of the planet, and wants to share this knowledge and passion with you all through her body products, online programs and workshops!


  • Where are your body and beauty products made?

They are handmade by us right here in the Byron Shire, NSW ‘Straya. In our kitchen, to be precise. 

  • Are there any known allergens in your body products?

Yes. Please read all ingredients for each product stated in the Online Shop before purchase. Allergens could include beeswax and macadamia nut oil. If you have any specific allergies, you can contact us and we’ll help you decide which products are right for you.

  • How are they environmentally sustainable and ethical?

In four main ways; 1. The products packaging and labels we use are all 100% plastic-free and either reuseable/ recyclable (glass & aluminium) or compostable/ biodegradable (cardboard) and sourced from Australian businesses; 2. The ingredients we source are primarily Australian grown and environmentally sustainable – Eg. Our body scrub and body/lip balm are made from 100% Australian grown ingredients, our deodorant is 70% and our tooth powder is made from 60% Australian grown ingredients. Our products are Palm-oil free, Cruelty-free, Preservative free, Fair Trade, Artificial Colour, Scent and Flavour free! Many of our ingredients are certified organic; 3. The messaging we provide – We use our social media as an education platform for all things natural and wild. We encourage our customers to live their best natural lifestyles. We also write blog posts and informative articles on nature-based topics and sustainability. Our aim is to highlight our Australian local plants, and in particular the plants our product range is focused on (i.e. lemon myrtle); 4. Our partnerships – we choose to work with, support and supply products from fellow Australian, ethical businesses. Everything from our label printing, graphic and web design, workshop venues, product stockists and ingredient suppliers. We also value and support our fellow women-run small businesses. Keeping things small and local is not only good for environmental health but it’s great for our economic and social health too!

  • Are you really plastic free?

Well, yes… we aim to be 100% single-use plastic free in all aspects of our business. In saying that though, we’re not perfect (who knew?!), and neither are our suppliers. Occasionally we will be sent a package containing plastic wrap by mistake, in which case we send off a quick email and store the plastic in our ‘plastics jar’ for later reuse or recycling. Some of our bulk items come in large, sturdy hard plastic containers, which we wash and reuse again and again. We are yet to throw any plastics in the bin!

  • Are the body products 100% vegan?

I’m glad you asked! Some of them are vegan, yes. Our deodorant jar, tooth powder, shampoo bar and body scrub are naturally 100% vegan! Our lip/ body balm and deodorant sticks contain LOCAL BEESWAX, so therefore cannot be called ‘vegan’. In this case, it would be more environmentally-friendly and sustainable for us to use local beeswax from local beekeepers (and support our pollinators), than it would be to source imported, unethical & inferior vegan beeswax substitutes, like candelilla wax or cacao butter. Trust that we have explored ALL options! Our products are made using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients out there. Don’t be fooled by the vegan greenwashing out there! Vegan is not always best – we encourage you to do your research 🙂 

  • Take my money! How can we buy?

Online via our website is the easiest option. Use our website Online Shop to choose your products and pay quickly and easily using Paypal or your credit card. Thank you so much for the support! That way, we get 100% of your money to put towards making more products and running more workshops! Otherwise, you can locate any of our 15 stockists and buy our products in person and support these fantastic local businesses.

  • Do we do donations/ gifts of products for events and giveaways?

As part of our strong commitment to the local community, we do donate products to aligned businesses, charities and not-for-profits and we aim to contribute at least 2% of profits to local charities each year. Contact us to arrange something!

  • Do you offer a local’s discount to Byron Shire residents?

Yes. We love our locals! Please contact us (on social media or email) if you’d like a 15% one-off discount code.


  • Do you ship everywhere around the world?

No. Due to our commitment to the natural environment, we can only ship within Australia – and we do so carbon neutral (with our fabulous couriers, Sendle). Apologies to our friends overseas! But unless you can find us an environmentally friendly, economical and carbon neutral way of shipping to you, we won’t!

  • Do you ship orders plastic-free?

Yes! In fact, every single stage of our business is single-use plastic-free! We ship our plastic-free products in plastic-free packaging with plastic-free packing fill in plastic-free, compostable mail bags. So, there ya go!

  • How much is shipping?

Usually $9.95 for a standard order. If you purchase a Starter Pack or Bundle then shipping is FREEEE. That’s our way of encouraging bigger orders to save on your carbon footprint. Our shipping is always CARBON NEUTRAL through our couriers Sendle. 

  • I’m a local – I don’t want it shipped!

Great! If you live or work in the Byron Shire, please tick the ‘local pickup’ option at the checkout and we’ll save the courier a trip! Email us and we’ll arrange to meet you when it suits.


  • Can I return, exchange or get a refund on items if they are damaged, don’t work or I change my mind?

It depends. We are currently refining our processes on this. The only exceptions would be if you accidentally ordered the wrong thing, the order wasn’t what your ordered, the order was damaged by the delivery process and it is unused with tamper seal still intact! Also, we are very keen for feedback, positive and negative. If something’s not working for you, we’d like to know so we can improve our products into the future! Please read our Returns/ Refunds Policy here. Please contact us and we’d love to help you out.


  • How do I find out about upcoming workshops and events near me in 2020?

Keep an eye on the socials, sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll always do up a Facebook event with a few weeks notice. Most of our current events are in northern NSW and SE QLD.

  • What kind of workshops and events do you/ can you run?

All sorts of nature connection, rewilding and environmental events for adults, teens and children – we can also do custom workshops to suit your needs! In the past we have run DIY Cleaning Products Workshops and Demos; DIY Body Products Workshops and Demos; DIY Christmas Gifts Workshops; Rewilding, Nature Connection and Ecology full-day Workshops; ‘Wild Warriors’ Workshops for teen girls in collaboration with Future Dreamers; we have catered for parties and events using Native Australian Bushfoods. We can really do anything nature-based to suit your needs. Contact us, get some friends/ coworkers together and craft your own workshop!


  • What’s your Online Program about?

We currently have one Online Program which we’re really proud of – the Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey. It’s a deep dive into nature connection techniques for mental and physical health and wellness that you can do from home. You can check it out here>>


  • I have a retail or online business in Australia- how can I stock your products?

Easy. If you think your business aligns with our ethos, email us at gday@wildsearchaustralia.com.au and we’ll send you our current list of products and wholesale prices. You can choose what you stock (and quantities), we’ll send you the invoice and the products and off you go! We’d love to work with you if we align, and we also offer workshops to our stockists as a means of building community, natural lifestyle education and brand awareness.


  • How can we work together?

If you’re aligned with our businesses ethos, love natural products and you think we could collaborate in some way, contact us! There are many options for collaboration including a product swap, shout outs on social media, product reviews / articles, product giveaways/ comps etc. If you’re a business, individual, fellow nature lover, online community, not-for-profit org, social media influencer, model, scientist, whoever… we’d love to hear from you! Check out and Read our Advertising Policy here >>


  • What’s the best way to stay up to date with Wild Search products and workshops?

Over at Instagram (@wildsearch) and Facebook (Wild Search Australia) is your best bet- there are daily posts to inspire and educate, promotions, product info and upcoming workshop announcements. Also, sign up to our newsletter (emails monthly-ish).

  • How do we contact you?

The best way is probably email – gday@wildsearchaustralia.com.au. We also check Instagram DM’s and comments regularly, but that may be slower.


  • What do you write about?

Caitlin loves writing and is passionate and knowledgeable about all things nature connection, natural ethical products, wildlife ecology, conservation, plastic free lifestyle and sustainability. She writes articles (approximately monthly) about these topics to inspire and educate.

  • Do you make money from the blog?

Sometimes. We have recently started becoming affiliated with other like-minded Australian businesses through our blog and website as a means to support our work and spread our message. This means, that if you click on an affiliate link, it will take you to the other businesses’ website and when you make a purchase, it will be linked to our website and we can get a small commission. It doesn’t make it any more expensive for you, it just means that a small % of that will be directed to us. All businesses do it to some degree, but they’re not transparent about it. If the blog has affiliate links, we will always tell you. Transparency is very important to us! Purchasing through these links on our blog is a great way to support the work that we do, so thank you in advance! Check out our Advertising Policy here>>


xx Stay wild.